Powering sustainability,
sailing towards a greener future

At Meriaura Group, decades of family entrepreneurship and growth company-like open-mindedness combine for the benefit of our customers and shareholders. As a pioneer of green transition we work daily to improve the sustainability of our environment. Our main business areas are sustainable shipping and renewable energy.


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Meriaura is a Finnish shipping company. We transport industrial bulk, recycled and raw materials and demanding project cargoes, in Northern Europe. Our vision is to be the leading forerunner in environmentally friendly, innovative and solution-oriented maritime transport and ship management services.

Renewable energy
Powering sustainability

We help communities and companies to reduce CO2 emissions with clean energy. The Renewable Energy business unit designs and delivers large scale solutions for solar electricity and thermal plants for utilities and industrial customers as well as medium scale solutions for buildings and properties. We are at the forefront of the energy transition, making a major impact with our innovative solutions.

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