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Key financial figures

Meriaura Group (Savosolar Group up to 31 May 2023) Key financial figures by business area, pro forma 2022, FAS

(1000 €)Jan–Dec 2023Jan–Dec 2022
Revenue, Group66,18373,209
Marine Logistics62,83669,431
Renewable Energy3,3863,778
Operating margin (EBITDA), Group6,3259,991
Marine Logistics10,14914,496
Renewable Energy-3,544-4,505
Operating profit/loss (EBIT), Group1,0435,198
Marine Logistics5,1499,472
Renewable Energy-3,796-4,274
Profit/loss for the period, Group-2714,033
Marine Logistics4,0258,548
Renewable Energy-4,259-4,515
The figures describe the group’s business operations assuming that the Maritime Logistics business would have been part of the group already on January 1, 2022 instead of  December 1, 2022.
* Depreciation of the consolidation goodwill incurred in the transfer of business on May 31, 2023 from the parent company to Meriaura Energy Oy has been eliminated in the Renewable Energy business key figures.