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The Annual General Meeting 3 May 2024 resolved that the members of the Board of Directors to be paid the following remuneration for the term that begins at the end of the Annual General Meeting and ends at the end of the next Annual General Meeting: EUR 21,600 for the Chairman of the Board and EUR 10,800 for each of the other members of the Board.

Approximately 40 per cent of the remuneration to be paid to the members of the Board of Directors will be paid by giving to the Board members company’s new shares based on the Board of Directors’ share issue authorization and approximately 60 per cent in cash. Cash portion of the remuneration is proposed to be paid in 12 monthly instalments to the extent it exceeds the amount of tax withholding from the remuneration. The number of remuneration shares will be determined on the basis of the value of the company’s share in First North Growth Market Finland as follows: the volume weighted average price of the Meriaura Group Plc’s share within two (2) weeks following the publication of the half-year report for the period 1 January – 30 June 2024 will be used as the value of share.

Alternatively, if so resolved by the Board of Directors, the remuneration shares can be purchased in the name of and on behalf of the Board members. In such case the company will pay any costs and transfer tax related to the purchase of the company shares.

If the shares cannot be given due to insider regulations during the before mentioned time periods, the shares shall be given outright once it is possible in accordance with the insider regulations in force at that time. Members of the Board of Directors are not allowed to transfer the shares obtained as remuneration before their membership in the Board has ended.

In addition, it was resolved that the members of the Board of Directors are reimbursed for reasonable travel and lodging costs. Travel and lodging costs are not compensated to those members of the Board of Directors who reside in the greater Helsinki area when the meetings are held in the greater Helsinki area.