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Initial Public Offering and share issues

During February and March 2015 Savo-Solar arranged an Initial Public Offering, in which a total of 2,036,850 new class A shares were subscribed and the company received 737 new shareholders.

After the offering the total number of shares in the company amounted to 5,295,810. The subscription price per share subscribed for in the Initial Public Offering was EUR 2.00 (SEK 18.28). Savo-Solar recorded issue proceeds of approximately EUR 4.0 million (before transaction costs) to the unrestricted equity fund. Of the total issue proceeds approximately EUR 1.2 million were paid by means of set-off.

The new class A shares subscribed for in the offering were registered with the Trade Register on 25 March 2015 and trading with the shares commenced on Nasdaq First North Sweden on 2 April 2015. Savo-Solar also applied for secondary listing of class A shares on Nasdaq First North Finland and the trading was started in Helsinki on 24 April 2015. During the listing the company’s Class B shares were converted into Class A shares at the ratio of 1: 1.

Prospectus (Initial Public Offering 2015) (English, with Swedish summary)

In the rights issue carried out in December 2015, a total of 10,591,620 new shares were subscribed. After the registration of the new shares the total number of shares was 15,887,430.

Prospectus Rights issue 2015 (English)

In May 2016 the company issued a total of 19,445 new shares of the company as a partial remuneration to the members of the Board of Directors without consideration, in accordance with the decision of the Annual General Meeting. After that the number of shares is 15,906,875.

In connection with the rights issue in September 2016, the number of the company’s shares was increased besides the major rights issue also in three further rights issues. After the new shares were registered, the total number of the company’s shares in November 2016 was 35,469,332.

Prospectus Rights issue 2016 (English)

In the rights issue arranged in June 2017 and in the related two directed share issues a total of 74,221,533 new shares were subscribed. After the registration of new shares at the end of July 2017 the total number of shares in Savo-Solar was 109,690,865.

Prospectus Rights issue 2017 (English)